What to expect on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Evenings

People go to church for many different reasons; whatever your reasons may be for coming to Olivet, we are committed to offering you a warm welcome and helping you find what you are looking for.

As you approach the building, you’ll find ample parking behind it.  There are multiple handicapped parking spaces, both in front and in back of the building.  As you enter the building, you’ll be greeter warmly.  We offer a staffed nursery on Sunday mornings.   There is elevator access to the sanctuary should you need it.  The Christian Life Center and Chapel are completely accessible.

People tend to dress casually for worship – you may see a few men in neckties and women in skirts, but generally people dress comfortably and respectfully.

Sunday Worship at 9 am takes place in our Sanctuary – you see its front doors as you drive into our parking lot.  It is a traditional service of Lutheran liturgy, accompanied by organ, piano, and vocal and handbell choirs.  You’ll receive a bulletin that will guide you through the 60-65 minute service.

Sunday Worship at 11 am takes place in the Christian Life Center, also easily accessible from the large parking lot behind the church building.   The Vine, as the 11 am service is called, is led by a praise team.  We sing contemporary Christian music (the music many of us listen to every day on stations like K-LOVE).  We also use elements of Lutheran liturgy in this 60 minute service.  You do not need a bulletin for this service; everything is projected on a large screen.

Wednesday evening worship at 6:45 usually takes place in the Chapel, accessible through the main doors off the parking lot or the Garden of Peace entrance in the front parking lot.  This is a smaller gathering, accompanied by keyboard, utilizing a contemporary and contemplative form of the Lutheran liturgy.  It immediately follows our Daily Bread weekly free community meal and is usually about 45 minutes in length.  Typically, you will hear the previous Sunday’s message at this midweek service.

On Sunday mornings, early in the service, children are invited to join our pastors or children’s choir director for a story or a song and then those aged 2 through 5th grade may go to age-appropriate classes (Spark* and Club 345) where they will listen to and learn about the same scripture story that adults in the sanctuary are hearing.  They’ll be escorted back to worship in plenty of time to receive Holy Communion with their families.

Our worship is inspired, creative, God-focused and Biblically based.  We are a Word and Sacrament community – we believe that God speak to us and guides us through the Scripture (the Bible and preaching on it), Baptism and Holy Communion.  We celebrate Holy Communion at every worship service (except Good Friday).  We believe that Jesus Christ is the host of the meal of grace He instituted and so we welcome all persons, no matter their age or church denomination, to receive it.  We use bread or wafers (including gluten free) and wine or white grape juice.  You can read more about Holy Baptism here.

Will I have to give money?

No, don’t feel uncomfortable or see money as an obstacle to coming and hearing about God. We do gather an offering during services; it’s an opportunity for our regular attenders and members to worship God through giving. There are no expectations for you to participate, so please do not feel obligated to give. We’re just excited to have you as a guest with us.

Will you draw attention to me or make me stand up?

No. We offer you as much anonymity as you wish so that you can experience Olivet and decide whether it is a place you could call your spiritual home. We hope you will let us know you are with us by signing into the folder that is passed down your row OR by introducing yourself to one of the pastors OR by contacting us.  We’d love a chance to get to know you.

Olivet seems pretty big! How can I get to know people?

We know that it can feel a bit overwhelming; we are happy to provide some ways you can get a feel for who we are and what we are about, like our New Member Class. You can also make an appointment with one of our staff and talk further.
You can email Shannon Walker or call 419-882-2077.

What about baptisms, funerals, and weddings?

Baptisms, funerals, and weddings are all touchstones  in our lives. Olivet considers it a privilege to mark these significant moments with you. Find out more here.