OCNS Sample Daily Routine


9:00-9:15/12:15-12:30 – Arrival and Free Choice Play

Students will be greeted at the door by teacher(s), and enjoy playing in the classroom as the remainder of the class arrives

9:15-9:30/12:30-12:45 – Circle Time

Opening, Calendar, Weather, Project Instruction

9:30-10-30/12:45-1:45 – Free Choice Play, Project

Students are free to play what they would like in the classroom and will work on a “project” that develops the theme of the day and fine motor skills.

10:30-11:00/1:45-2:15 Outside or Basement Play

Students will have the opportunity to develop their large motor skills while playing on the playground equipment, riding the bikes, playing in the sandbox and much more!

11:00-11:30/2:15-2:45 Bathroom, Second Circle & Snack

* All classes also have music class once a week for 20 minutes with a trained music teacher.