New Member Event

Olivet receives new members several times during the year after a New Member Event is held. The next New Member Event will be held in the very near future.  Please call the church office 419-882-2077 to advise of your interest.

How do I become a member?

Come to the next New Member Event: hear about the Lutheran Church, Olivet, and the vision God has given us. Pastors and other staff will teach you who Jesus is and how to live and grow in Him. The event is fun and informative – we eat, talk, get to know one another and explore what it means to be God’s people and the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus.

If you decide to join the church, you’ll be welcomed along with other new members to follow Christ Jesus with us;  and this can occur at the worship service you regularly attend.

Are there membership commitments?

We encourage all our members to make the following commitments in their life in Christ:

  • Pray daily
  • Worship weekly
  • Read Scripture devotionally and in study with others
  • Serve God’s purposes through Olivet and in our homes, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces, community, nation, and world
  • Relationships shaped by our relationship with God through Jesus Christ – love, forgiveness, accountability, compassion
  • Giving generously of the resources, skills, and time God has entrusted to us