Here are some interesting statistics for the past year:

— DB served 5800 meals, averaging 116 per week.

— DB had 4650 guests, averaging 93 each week.

— DB had an average of  23 volunteers each week, totaling 2500 hours of volunteering. Thanks to all of the volunteers who give their time and talents to Daily Bread!

Daily Bread’s 10th Anniversary is September 18, 2020 and will be celebrated with a special meal

Thanksgiving dinner is always a popular meal and many are expected. We will need donations of food and small loaves of pumpkin bread (size that will fit in quart bags) to give to our guests as a Thanksgiving gift. If you want to make some loaves now and freeze them, that would be great. We will need extra volunteers, too. Keep your eye on the Olive Branch and opportunity forms.